Saturday 2/24 11am-8pm

Bring in all of your old scrapbooking supplies to sell and earn money to buy all new supplies, or just come on out and pick up some great bargains on lightly used & new scrapbook supplies!

We will also be having a HUGE SALE on regular in-store merchandise with 20-50% OFF Store-Wide!


CONSIGNMENT SALE DROP-OFF is Saturday 2/17 - Friday 2/23 between 11am-7pm.

(Don’t forget we are closed on Sundays & Wednesdays.)

  • Scrap Paper Scizzors keeps 10% of the proceeds from all items sold, and you will receive the balance as store credit.

    • Just put your initials (must be 3 letters- for example- first, middle, and last MDW), and the price you are asking on each of your items, as well as the item # (from 1 to whatever).
    • Bring an itemized inventory list with corresponding item #, basic description (such as “paper pack” or “assorted stamps”), prices/quantities, and grand total for all items selling, along with your consignment items when you drop them off.
      • Numbering all of your items on both the price sticker and inventory list makes it easier for us to reconcile your items after the sale.
    • If you are selling papers or loose sticker sheets/embellishments, they must be bundled into ziploc bags and sold as a unit.
      • This will prevent them from becoming damaged and allow us to more easily track your inventory, as well as make them easier to shop. PLEASE make sure your ziploc bags close completely so that the items do not fall out.
        • We will not be held responsible for loose items that have fallen out of their packages & become damaged or lost due to improper packaging.
      • 2 gallon ziploc bags for 12×12 paper can usually be found at the Dollar Tree, and occasionally are available at Walmart or Kroger.
  • Please feel free to call 502-570-5966 or email us with any questions you may have.